Send Cotton-Muslin Squares to Japan Tsunami Areas

London Mothers Praying for Japan
"Muslin Squares Project"

We are sending Muslin Squares to help young mothers and mothers-to-be in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear affected areas in Japan.

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Muslin Squares are large cloths used to wipe babies’ mouths, for breastfeeding or as burp cloths.

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They are not traditionally used in Japan, but we know they will be extremely useful for mothers who are struggling to wash and dry clothes in the evacuation centres.

We have been contacted by NPOs, supporting organizations and maternity centres that are in desperate need of supplies for clean cloths for mothers.

We have already sent more than 1500 Muslin Squares to help, but they need many, many more.

Send Cotton-Muslin Squares  to Japan Tsunami Areas_e0030586_317576.jpg

Send Cotton-Muslin Squares  to Japan Tsunami Areas_e0030586_318757.jpg

As shown (above), we pack two large muslin squares per bag, and send them with instructions.

>>>Who is receiving them? Could it cause problems if we send goods directly?

In the affected areas, there have been some delivering and distribution problems when goods have been sent directly without contacting the evacuation centre in advance.

In this project, we don’t send goods directly to evacuation centres. Instead, we check how many Muslin Squares are actually needed and the majority are sent to the maternity centres in Tokyo. From there, the goods are distributed to the maternity and evacuation centres in the affected areas.

If we can’t distribute all the Muslin Squares they will be sold to mothers through maternity centres in Japan, with all the profits donated to those affected by the tsunami and earthquake.


To donate, please go to  Paypal Online Payment System from the link below.

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For donation by cheque, please contact the email address below.

Please help us to help young mothers during a very difficult time. Your donation will be used to buy Muslin Squares and to ship them to Japan.

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Contact: London Mothers Praying for Japan


Send Cotton-Muslin Squares  to Japan Tsunami Areas_e0030586_119060.jpg
*** News 13/04/2011 ***

Lollipop Lane Ltd. (UK) ( kindly donated 1,200 muslin squares to this project. The squares will be dispatched to a disaster control centre and maternity centres in areas including Fukushima, and distributed to mothers in evacuation centres across north-Japan.
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